Guest drafter - need help

My plane got delayed a few hours due to the hurricane so my buddy had to draft for me since I was in the air the entire draft. The team isn’t terrible, but there were some picks I wish I had back. Having said that, any thoughts on how best to upgrade this team 12 team PPR?

Wow. No real tier 1 RB. Cook is right in that range of Low end RB1 high end RB2. But totally feel comfortable with him as my RB1. I do like Jones as well but would have been nice for like a mixon or Chubb cook combo. Not bad as far as RB. I have Brown ranked way lower this year in stats and TD just because I’m not high on Carr. Ridley is the second look in ATL. Love woods and cupp for rams and I do like Vance as well. Overall it’s not a bad team. If it were me I would drop or try to trade some of those handcuffs to bolster your RB depth just because your bench players I don’t think will be consistent enough for your squad. Also wouldnt be bad to grab a high tier 3 receiver. Basically would be nice to get a couple bench players that will be more consistent scorers.