Guice and Evans or Penny and Thomas

We just did our draft and there is a trade offer Rashaad Penny and Michael Thomas for Derrius Guice, Mike Evans and a second rounder in next years draft. Is this a fair trade, who’s getting the better deal

Rashaad Penny and Michael Thomas recipient is getting the deal. I understand that its two unproven rookie RB’s but Penny has more upside and better hands. And Thomas could run circles around Evans all day, in my humble opinion.

Assume this is dynasty. I’d take Thomas over Evans by a mile. And although I like guice much more than penny, the 2nd rounder plus that game isn’t enough to make up the difference between Thomas and Evans imo. So overall, I like the Penny/MT side a lot more.

Penny and Thomas side for me.

I completely disagree on the RB upside. I think Guice is easily the 2nd best back in this draft. Higher floor and higher ceiling than Penny.

Btw, higher passing game usage does not equal better hands or better receiving chops.

Thomas > Evans

Guice > Penny (no Chris Carson in front of Guice, and that Seattle o-line is putrid, too, don’t forget).

But the recipient of Evans / Guice gets a second rounder next year?

I consider take trade fair, and I’d even consider the Evans Guice side of that deal without the second rounder, but with the second rounder thrown in, I’d do it.