Guice dynasty value

My first attempt at a dynasty league…I’m in my first rookie draft right now. I already took Murray and Hock, I have pick 2.1 and have the chance to trade that for Guice straight up. My teams RBs are D Cook and M Mack, that’s it. The way the draft has fallen I should be able to grab a wr like M or A.J. Brown, Campbell, Samuel, or maybe the RB Henderson (but I doubt that). Do I take the chance on Guices upside with the health risks, or play it safe and take one of the guys I mentioned above? Oh, it’s PPR and 6pt tds.

I say no Guice and hope for Henderson, but I am staying away from Guice in general and would also rather have any of those receivers you mentioned. Trade them later to upgrade or add to your RB position if needed

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