Guice for Hunt?

In my DYNASTY PPR league o guy has offered me:

Mike Williams and Derrius Guice and his 2021 first round pick…
(he does not own a 2020 first or 2nd round pick)


Kareem Hunt, Justice Hill and Will Fuller.

What are your thoughts on the health of Guice? And is this worth it???

My top 3 WRs are juju, kupp and amari cooper
My top 3 RBs are dalvin Cook/Mattison, Sanders/Howard. I also own duke johnson

How deep is the starting roster?

I am personally high on justice. Fuller has week to week wr1 upside, and has consitently been a wr1 when he and watson play.

I am not buying in on guice being ready. EVERYTHING the skins have done point to them thinking he wont be ready to go. (AP resign, bryce love draft…)
And we are yet to see what he can do, were bordering on D’onta foreman territory with him if he misses more time, and with a surgically repaired infected knee, i think were there.
I do not think i would do this trade.

Smash accept on that trade right now. Cannot believe you got that offer lol. I would take that trade for Mike WIll and guice alone. 2021 first is gravy.

@MikeMeUpp I’ve lowered it to Dede Westbrook instead of fuller. I have not heard any good news on guice though…have u heard anything?

@mattymc29 I’m high on justice too. But I believe Williams is a future wr1 with elite talent. And if guice can eventually be a workhorse back then that fills my loss of hunt. Also hunt will share a roll for a least one year too. If guice does the same with Peterson prob more likely if he looks good he just takes over. No?

No I haven’t heard anything but at that price, the risk is kind of built in already.