Guillotine Choke League 12-Team PPR

This is a Guillotine Style Elimination League with a twist. It was developed by IrritatedTomcat (me) and ReidRR.

12-Teams, 8 Elimination Weeks and 5 Safe weeks

Elimination weeks the lowest scoring team will be eliminated. They will be removed as an owner and their team will be thrown to waivers to be bid on by remaining teams. They are free to spectate and see it through. If you have a week with no opponent, your score will still be posted and though it won’t be a game, but you still can get lowest, so play your best.

Records are for fun but technically it will just be the last 4 that make the playoffs.

Beginning of the season we will start with 1000 FAAB

Safe weeks will be randomized at the beginning of the season. During these weeks, we play as normal and nobody is eliminated.

Any spaces still available and is it free to enter?

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Free and yes! Just started advertising it

I’ll join! The format sounds really cool!

Cool league format. Just joined. Thanks.