Guillotine draft strategy

Howdy All!
I have joined up for my first guillotine league this year and wanted to hear what you think the best draft strategy would be.
It is a PPR league with the following roster settings:
QB - 1
RB - 2
WR - 2
TE - 1
FLX - 2
Bench - 4

The best I can think of doing is to draft as much as possible to strength of schedule in the first couple weeks.
I was also wondering should I stock up on WRs and 1 stud RB in the first 4 to 5 rounds then pickup the high upside handcuffs. I can hopefully pickup some better RBs after the first few weeks (if I am still alive).

Anyone have experience in these leagues and willing to offer any tips for the draft and throughout the season?


Welcome the Fantasy Footballers Forum @Burgfs!

Guillotine leagues are a blast. You’ll enjoy it!

Check out the brand new CHOP podcast to learn and gain a strategic advantage. Paul Charchian is essentially the inventor and has beeing playing for a couple years.

I’ve played for two years. From my experience, I focused on the first few weeks of the season and chose players in the early rounds that had good/great matchups. Regarding matchups I did not look beyond the first few games and I did not factor it in beyond the first few rounds. Further I am extremely risk tolerant in drafting. I play to win it all.

This was my draft from last year (Aug 2019).

This was my roster during the week 16 championship (and that team couldn’t get it done!)

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Thanks for the awesome info mate.
I will definitely check out the podcast.