Gun to your head Dynasty Pick

Just made my 12 pick in a 12 team 1.0ppr SF dynasty.

Looking like my next pick is going to be in the range of the Fins receivers. Gun to your head If you had to pick one of them, who would it be, or just completely avoid them all together?

line up is qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 3f 1sf. 15 bench

Parker…but I would try to avoid them all if possible.


Why does there need to be violence involved???:joy:


Probably cause nobody would pick them without it!

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Albert WIlson if you’re feeling froggy. Preston Williams makes for an interesting taxi squad addition as he is likely to go undrafted. He’s highly rated by Matt Waldman

I like Stills. Team likes Parker apparently. Big upside and also might not make the team P. Williams.

Safer = Stills
Boom/Bust Weekly = Parker
All or Nothing = P. Williams

You should look at your team and decide where the rest of your squad stands. Then find the player counter to that. I know some owners always lean upside in the late rounds, but I tend to value team balance regardless.

Just my thoughts, but I hope they help!

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Pass on them