Gurely - Hard to Sell

I feel like in most leagues with active owners, trying to sell Gurley is difficult. Everyone assumes he will fade off as the season goes on and watching him, it is a little hard to disagree since he doesn’t look like the Gurley we use to love.

So my question is - has anyone successfully traded Gurley away in the last 7 days? Curious what other leagues are accepting for him.

I know, I know, team dependent, but examples are nice to see as others can use similar player value if they are looking to sell him.

ALL that being said, I’m almost in the camp of riding Gurley out rather than giving up MUCH less than he is currently producing. I have Aaron Jones and Nick Chubb and a record that pretty much locks me in the playoffs. So hopefully, worse case, Gurley is a flex if needed come fantasy playoffs.

Looking forward to hearing others thoughts.