Gurley 1.01 dynasty start up?

Back and forth on this one. Have the 1.01 and know I should go one of two WR but really thinking about RB here.

This draft has a third round flip so in stead of 3.01 I pick 3.12 then 4.01

Feel like I can make up value later at WR but not other way without hope that rookie RB hits but still will cost high capital.

What do you think footclan?

1 each QB, TE, K, D/ST
2 each RB, WR, FLEX W/R/T
10 Bench
3 IR

20 to 23 total roster

im a big believer in grabbing your young stud RB, no matter what the format. so in dynasty, that is only 2 players to me. gurley, and zeke. and i really think its a toss up between the 2. after that im on board with the you gotta draft a WR train, im just not going to ignore 2 supreme young talents at a position that is vital to your success, and also just happens to be the hardest to get something reliable. the argument for taking an OBJ, or a Hopkins is simple. they will score a lot, and score for a longer period of time cause its easier to play for a long time at their position. my counter argument, i dont care. lol. its easy to make that argument and act like its infallible. because believers in drafting a young dynasty WR will point to eddie lacy. i point to mike evans. WRs are tied to their QB and so is their production. top end WRs can disappear so easy with the wrong situation and wrong QB. yes, RBs can too. thats my point. its not some huge advantage to take a WR over an RB. if i get 5 years out of my RB in fantasy, im very very happy. people forget how long that is.

im about to start rambling on forever, so ill stop here and just say, zeke or gurley.


There is no wrong answer. OBJ or Nuk obviously have more long term value, but the goal is to play to win every year. If you believe Gurley is THE BEST then go for it. Plus injuries, trades, breakouts, busts, etc will all happen and your roster will evolve along with it. Grab your guy.