Gurley....52 pts PPR

Just wondering what the highest amount of pts a player has gotten in FFB PPR. Haven’t researched it. Just thought maybe somebody here might know. Thanks for any feedback.

Sorry for the double post. Didn’t think they both posted. Was trying to figure out how to delete one!!! Any help on that would be great!!!

Yep, played him and Lewis in my other championship. Bad luck today

What about that one year when Vick went off and threw for like 4 tds, rushed for 2 TDs, three 300 yds and rushed for about 100??

I remember that game, it was a Monday night game and Vick was making his post-jail comeback with philly. It was amazing

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Any way to find out how many FFB pts he got??? Just wondering if Gurley made FFB history today!!!

Well I’d say Vick had like 49-60 depending get on the scoring settings. 4pt or 6pt touchdown for QB, bonus at 300 yds, long play bonuses, etc…

Looked it up, he was

333 with 4 TDs 0 int
80 rush yds with 2 TDs
Which would put him at 49.3 in normal 4 pt QB scoring.

Looks like Portis and Doug Martin have also had 50+ point games in the past…

But yea gurley has been insane. I also wonder if his two game stretch has been highest ever…

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COOL!!! Interesting!!! Actually our league does have 6 pt touchdown for QB OR players. BUT…still…TY for your effort in researching this!!! And as you stated in your last sentence…would be interesting to see if Gurley or any other has made FFB records this year!!! Have to check into that!!! Great job my friend!!! TY. Very merry Holiday wishes to you and yours!!! Holiday hugs from one FFB addict to another!!!:christmas_tree:

Nick Foles in 2013 threw 7 TDs and no picks and like 350 yards and scores 59 points. Sucks I played gurley today and currently down 80-49. I got Alshon, Foles, Lev Bell, and Boswell tomorrow and my opponent has Hopkins and Crabtree. Hopefully I can pull the upset!

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Didn’t Julio gr 53+ earlier this year in PPR?

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Actually YES. I just checked and he got 55 pts in week 12 vs TB. Great job @NewtonINTolerant. TY!!!