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Gurley & Abdullah for Freeman Trade


Like the title says. I have Ajayi, J. White, and Kamara if I were to let these two go for Freeman. I think it might be worth it to get a stud. What do you guys think?


I support that move. But I’m not an abdullah believer this year. Better yet, can you sent gurley and either a TE or WR? Rather not lose two RB’s if possible.


I’d absolutely do it.


I have Baldwin, D. Thomas, Diggs, B. Marshall, Moncrief for WR’s. I could trade Diggs but I really like him this year so not sure about that one. This guys RB2 is currently Eddie Lacy so I figure he is looking for RB’s.


Don’t trade digs


I would do this trade. Freeman is in a great offense and Gurley really should have easily had a 100+ yard game against the colts but he looked like he did last year


To be fair to him, he did have about 25 yards taken back by penalties.


I’d try a different combo with Gurley. Feels like you’re compromising your depth at RB


If you can pull of that trade and have Ajayi/Freeman as your RBs I’d be terrified of your team.