Gurley and alshon Jeffery for Saquon and Davonte Adams?

Standard scoring. What do you think?

Gurley > Saquon
Adams > Jeffery

Jesus Christ this is so lopsided it should be illegal. If you are getting gurley and Adams obviously do it. I don’t know who would offer that, but man obviously take that trade.

As a Saquon owner in both of my leagues I would 100% take the Gurley and Adams side. Gurley is the undisputed RB1 this year and Adams is a top 5 WR. Saquon looks awesome and I firmly believe hes a top 3 RB and Jeffery looked good in his first few games back but i still think hes a boom bust player with a higher than average risk to get injured.

Sorry the parameters were wrong in my original post. It’s gurley plus Jeffery for Saquon and Adams

Saquon and Adams side I prefer in my opinion.

That’s actually a pretty even trade, I’d probably go Saquon & Adams as well but that would depend on my other WRs