Gurley and Benjamin for Julio Jones and Tyreek Hill

I am in First place and looking towards the Playoffs. My Team is QB Carr and Rodgers (RIP) RB Gurley, Elliott, Fournette, Mckinnon, Morris, Lacy, David Johnson (RIP) WR Benjamin, Parker, Watkins, Corey Davis, TE Reed , Davis
1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 2 Flex 1 TE D and Kicker league. Trying to decide if i can win a championship with no WRs or QB. Essentially riding Gurley Elliott and Fournette. Or should i trade gurley for Julio Jones and Tyreek Hill and have more talent spread out?

He Upped his offer to Gurley Parker and Carr for Brees Jones and Hill. Thoughts?

It’s tricky considering the suspension for Zeke is still up in the air, Gurley has a lot of potential and looks great. I think I’d rather look to pair two mid tier guys (one wr and one rb) and receive one better WR. Hill is up and down and so is Jones, however Jones has all division games coming up so I see high future for him.