Gurley and Corey Davis trade

I was offered Thielen, J Howard and Cook for my Gurley and Davis ,

Do I accept it or deny it?

Nope. Gurley is a beast so keeeeeeep him. Who are your WRs? Do you really need theilan?

I’d pass. Gurley is a stud that’s not replaceable and I don’t really see Thielen keeping this up all season. His target volume is pretty insane.

Also pretty high on Davis going forward as well with him leading the NFL in target market share. Don’t see it changing either given he’s clearly the most talented WR on that team.

Gurley is probably the best fantasy football player in the NFL, I wouldn’t give him up for anyone else in the league personally

So if someone comes to you and offers you Alvin Kamara + AB you’d be like nah, fade that?

I was more referring to a one to one trade, I wouldn’t give him up for anyone else in the league.

But let’s entertain your 2 for 1 idea for the fun of it. To be honest, while Kamara and AB are amazing, I would still lean Gurley because AB is sharing the load with JuJu playing well too. And the Saints have Mark Ingram back, and Drew Brees is still lighting it up with Michael Thomas. To me Todd Gurley is just more solid and reliable overall. Just my opinion

You are insane bro. I love the love for gurley though. Respect. I love gurley and am a proud and happy gurley owner but if someone sent me an offer for Kamara + AB, i would jump on that like a fat kid on cake.

AB has been “sharing the load” with JuJu since last year. JuJu has been playing well since last year. AB is still like 3rd in the league in targets. He is having the worst stretch of his career and he is still giving you a floor of 15 points per game in half PPR. Steelers D sucks balls. They have no Bell. Ben is going to have to keep throwing the ball 40+ times a game to even stand a chance. Plenty of targets to go to both Juju and AB. I’m buying up AB anywhere I can right now. Last buy low opportunity before the ATL game.

Brees is lighting it up with MT and Kamara has been doing…what? Oh finishing as the RB1 like every single week. Mark Ingram will actually help the offense and take some carries and make it more efficient than that crap they have on the roster now. Actually allow kamara to rest and probably help on the efficiency side. Even when Ingram was in last year, go check the splits. Kamara bested him in snaps, and touches and obviously fantasy production. Once Kamara showed he was the better back, Ingram never exceeded 15 carries again. And in the playoffs, they leaned more on kamara as ingram barely even saw the field. Didn’t exceed 10 carries one time.

I agree that Gurley on his own is definitely more reliable than either one of AB and Kamara. But to think that having just gurley in your line up is better than starting AB and Kamara is lunacy.

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This is my roster, I’m 1-3

You’re teams solid. I wouldn’t make any trades. You get mixon back now so start Gurley + Mixon.

Gronk will recover, I’m not worried about that. And you got solid WRs.

Sticks to what you have. PLenty of RB depth too. No need to trade down for depth here.

You make some fair points, and you have changed my mind.

I was more concerned about giving up the fantasy dominance that is Gurley, as I think pound for pound he produces more points than either AB or Kamara consistently each week. However I guess if you pair up two of them versus Gurley, obviously overall you’re getting more production with AB+Kamara.

I’m actually gonna try and see if I can steal AB off someone this week…

Better do it before the ATL game. I just bought AB last night where I gave up JuJu/Kerryon + some other pieces. My team in that league is now stacked:

WR: AB, Nuk, AJ Green, Corey Davis
RB: Gurley, Michel, A Jones

What was the whole trade for reference? Trying to make respectable trades when I go out and try to pick up AB this week and Green after the Mia game.


Its a super flex league, 0.5 ppr, 10 man. Dude I was trading with was 1-3 and had trash at RB and my modified Zero RB draft finally started paying off so i had depth to spare (i own Aaron jones, kerryon, michel in basically every single league).

I gave up: JJS, Kerryon, G Allison, V McDonald
Received: AB, Ebron, Powell

Was basically a 4 for 1, don’t really care much about ebron and powell. He originally asked for Michel and I originally asked for Ekeler and giving up Godwin instead of allison. Was able to talk him down from Michel so I gave up Allison/ekeler/vance piece.

Was a lot of back and forth but ended up with a decent trade for both sides. He got 4 starts, i got a upgrade to one of my receivers and bought low on AB.