Gurley and Kerryon for Bell?

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I’m 3-1 in the league

New offer includes me giving up Sony and getting DM in the trade

David Montgomery

I wouldn’t do it. I think Kerryon is going to be a RB1 by the end of the year. He got 26 carries Sunday. If he would have scored it would have been a 20+ point game. Bell would be an upgrade, but for me I think Detroit’s offense is better than the Jets which gives him a bump as well. I am higher on Kerryon than most though.

So it would be Bell and David Montgomery for Kerryon, Michel, and Gurley?

kerryon has his bye week and some tough matches ahead which will drop his value. We trade like crazy in this league. I honestly might be able to get him back later. Bell has already had his bye

yes that is the trade

I like the addition of Mongomery, he is getting more work (although he needs to be more efficient) and with Trubiski out they will probably run him even a little more now. I would probably take it because you are getting a clear RB1 and an RB2 for a couple RB2’s and a flex/bench guy.

thank you for the advice!
I still I want to see more opinions