Gurley and Thomas for Kamara and Mclaurin?

I’m in a 12 team 7 keeper (no penalty) league. I have the 1.01 and 2.08 for reference. Was offered a trade, should I do it?
Trade I’d give up Alvin Kamara and Terry Mclaurin for Michael Thomas and Todd Gurley.
I’m intrigued by Gurley reportedly impressing and being the only real back on the team with no one to threaten his job he should (injury aside) be a PPR beast. I will probs go Taylor or CEH at 1 overall.

Current keepers:

  1. Zeke
  2. Kamara
  3. David Montgomery (Alexander Mattison if Cook holds out)
  4. Adam Thielen
  5. Terry mclaurin
  6. DJ Chark
  7. Brandin Cooks

Yeah I’d make that trade.

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Is this a dynasty league, or redraft with keepers? If you’re looking at true dynasty I would not make the trade as I like the longevity more of McLaurin and Kamara.

However, if you’re looking at a keeper-redraft league I would make the trade.

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So they call it a dynasty keeper. The idea is we keep any 7 players we have on our team at the end of the year for the following year. No penalty. Then we have a draft with rookies and players who were not kept to fill out rosters for the year. Hope that clears it up.