Gurley and Thomas for obj and mccafrey

Just got offered obj and mccaffrey for gurley and Michael Thomas.
I have Howard, Coleman, Forman, and Montgomery
With Baldwin, lee,R Matthews, Nelson, and kearse as wide receivers
Do I take this trade?

This is in a standard scoring league to be clear

I would hold for what’s it’s worth. I’m not a big obj guy though and don’t think this trade makes you better. I loved gurly before the year because of volume don’t think that will change even with his tough matchups coming up.

If you rly wanted obj I would offer gurley straight up

Then you have

obj and Thomas
Howard and ty

I’d counter with Howard instead of Gurley

Yeah I tried that he’s dead set on getting Thomas from me though

Yeah I tried to counter with Howard got an immediate no

Giving up Thomas is fine. OBJ is a clear upgrade. It’s Gurley I’d balk at.

I’d tell him to take a long walk off a short pier, then :slight_smile:

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Good point try that.

Or walk away, mcafy for Thomas is worthless to you

Hahahah yessssss

Thanks guys, he’s being trying to persuade me for three hours now

Countered me with Howard and Thomas for obj

One final update, his final offer was for Howard and Thomas for obj, Smallwood and clement

So your team would be: Gurley, Monty, Coleman, Foreman, OBJ, Baldwin, Lee, Matthews, Nelson? And some other bench RBs? Yea, I’d do that.

Yeah I went ahead and accepted the trade thanks for the help

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I think your team looks quite good now.

Thanks man, I almost didn’t go through with it but the obj draw was too much for me