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Gurley. and why>


is Gurley worth a 2nd rd pick? or should he drop just before Lacy??


I personally think so. I’m high on him this year. Improved o-line and the addition of Watkins only helps his cause. I also think last year was his floor and he was still fairly reliable with the amount of touches he gets.


I am looking at taking him with my second pick. He has huge upside with the improved O line


i’m near the turn and am looking at him; and or crow. thinking gurley is my make or break guy.


feels like he should go after crow.


gurley is the guy


Just picked him up in a 10 team 0.5ppr in the 2nd round (Pick 18). Pretty happy to get him there. The Rams’ anemic offense has improved over last year and he has the potential to put up big numbers. Plus with my receiving corps (Brown, Gronk, Ware, Robinson, Fitz, Marshall) I feel like i can absorb some down weeks.

For perspective Gurley was 18, Crowell 30, and Lacy was 54 overall.