Gurley, D.Thomas for Diggs,Mccaffrey,D.Monecrief(Trade advice)

okay so i’m really conflicted on whether i should do this trade i have Diggs and Mccaffrey who i believe will both go off this year. this is a full point PPR league

The guy probably thinks Diggs will go off this year as well.

I think, with that defense, Gurley will be a monster this year. With that said, he’s still #4 on my list behind Bell, AJ, and Zeke. I just don’t think he is nearly as good as those 3, but he is definitely better than everyone else–especially Caff.

Poor qb play really hurt D. Thomas last year, he was still a target monster though. With the upgrade at qb he could return to form.

Personally I would do the trade. Let some others come in and give their perspectives, I’m still nursing my first cup of coffee for the morning.

I would do it. You get the best player in Gurley and I don’t think the gap between Thomas and Diggs is as large as a gap between Gurley and McCaffery