Gurley dilemma trade question

So 12 my/ 2QB full PPR BUT… receiving yards are 20 yards/point… rushing 10 yds/point.

I drafted David Johnson, & was able to secure Dalvin in the second round… Somehow Gurley was still on the board all the way in the 3rd round so i pulled the trigger on him (& took malcom brown late)… My WRs are a tad thin: R. Woods, C. Ridley, G. Allison, C. Samuel…

Do you guys think i should hold with my stack of monster RBs OR use Gurley as trade bait to land a big time top 10 WR even though the scoring devalues WRs in this league???

I had the same thing happen but I was first pick went Barkley cook gurley.

A team already weak at rb lost Lamar miller I offered him gurley for davante Adams and he took it. Gurleys name may get you a beast

I think Woods and Ridley will be solid and serviceable.

I’m assuming you have a flex to play Gurley in? If so, I would hold onto what you have and wait a couple weeks until Gurley has a couple high scoring games and trade him straight for a top 5 WR and a RB2. Gurley will NOT play all season. The best strategy is to let him build his own value up over the first couple weeks while he’s healthy and sell him high.

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