Gurley Dilemma

Have Gurley in dynasty unfortunately, should i be selling low on him?

I have an offer for Fournette and the 1.06, is this enough?
Gurley could be worth nothing or could be the #1 rb so its a tough spot.
What would you do?

I would not take Fournette in dynasty. He’s always hurt or suspended by the team or NFL. I’d trade Gurley for Mixon or Conner though. McVay said it himself that the days of Gurley as the work horse back are over.

No. You do not sell gurley right now. His price will fall until the season starts but there’s way more upside in seeing him play and how they use him than selling for something as low as fournette who has more injury concerns himself. If gurley even plays at a 65/35% split, he’ll still easily finish as an RB1 with top 5 upside in that offense.

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You would be trading one problem (Gurley) for another (Fournette).

I wouldn’t be selling that low on Gurley at this point & definitely not for that package. At least wait to see how he’s going to be used going forward & how he looks early on. I wouldn’t bank on him getting 25 touches a game, but the Rams have a pretty efficient & creative offense to get him scoring opportunities.

Might as well hold on to him at this point and see what happens. No way I would want anything to do with Fournette in dynasty.

This. I don’t think he’ll get that but I think there’s a good shot of him getting like 18 touches a game which in that offense, is a mid RB1 still. I’ll take that all day.

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Eek… I get that people are concerned about Gurley but that’s beyond selling low.

I could be persuaded as a Gurley owner to move him, but only if I’m getting a haul back… He’s still too valuable from week to week to consider him washed up. If the Rams thought he was toast they wouldn’t be so concerned about preserving him (that’s just my opinion of course).

I agree on holding onto Gurley for the beginning of the season. His value will rise as he should perform well. Unfortunately his arthritis in his knee will only hold up so much. I would consider trying to trade him early in the season before his arthritic knee starts acting up. Why wait until it happens (because that condition is inevitable). It’s just trying to guess if he’ll make it 4, 6, or 8 games before the mountain starts to crumble.

Correct. Fournette isn’t just an injury risk, he’s got a piss poor attitude compared to what it takes to be a successful RB, or even just a positive force in the locker room. Let a few regular season weeks go by, allow for people to be reminded of why Gurley is elite.

I do want to point out that Gurley cannot be the…

…and might need to be sold at his highest point.