Gurley for Boyd, Drake, and A. Robinson

I’ve been offered that for gurley. Dynasty league with 2rb, 3wr, 2flex. My other starters are: RBs: k Johnson, Sony, and Mack, my WRs are cooper, do Moore, and Zay Jones (tyreek on the bench). Thoughts?

I would pull the trigger on that, mainly because of the depth at WR you’re getting. I still think Gurley is a top 10 RB. However, looking at your WR in a 3WR & 2FLEX league, you’re needing depth. Boyd and Robinson are good additions and Drake should have a decent year to finally get the bulk of the carries in Miami. I would try to get a draft pick thrown in before I accepted it.


Yeah, I considered asking for a draft pick as well. Maybe a first round, from him for a 2nd from me. Thanks for the advice

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man, what has the world come to?

thats tempting. which is insane because this time last year, that would have been laughed at by EVERYONE. i don think i can do it though. mostly because i would rather do a 1 for 1 trade to just upgrade at WR instead of building depth pieces for the man who used to be RB1. and honestly, i still hold hope for Gurley. knee or not, if he can be 70% of what he was he will be valuable. quick math on that in full PPR would be about 270 points, HPPR would be about 240. basically a low end RB1. which i still believe he can do.

so keep the value the same, but reduce number of players you will get. i always hate 3 for 1 trade for that reason.

I agree with you 100% @BusterD. I think Gurley has low RB1 capability still and probably for the next few years. Straight up, I would turn this down. However, the only reason I would accept this trade in @kyle813’s case is because he lacks the depth at WR. Zay Jones is his current WR3 and he has to start 3 WRs and has 2 FLEX positions as well. He also has Kerryon, Michel & Mack backing up Gurley in the RB position which is solid.

I also agree though that if he can trade Gurley 1v1 for a top end WR1, then I’d like that more than Boyd/Drake/Robinson. That’s why I suggested getting a pick out of the trade as well.

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Thanks for the advice guys! Still considering what to do. It sucks that I can’t count on Hill as one of my WRs, having Zay Jones as my 3rd is ridiculous. My WRs would look a lot better then they do now, maybe Allen robinson will come back and do much better. He also has robert woods though, so I could try for him instead of robinson.

oh hell yeah, i would drop Robinson off of it and try for woods. thats a 3 for 1 that i would really like. at the very least if he doesnt like it you could always drop drake off of it and make it 2 for 1.

This offer at least seems like a close fair value based on public perception. I just came from a thread where some dude was asking if Drake + 2nd was fair for gurley lmao. However as a gurley owner, I’m ride or die right now. Making a trade like this won’t help me win but gurley actually playing does help me win. I’m not expecting peak gurley anymore but an 18 touch per game gurley is still a mid RB1 in my eyes. And if I get that for even 2 more years, I’m more than happy.

Recognize your WR corps are thin but looking more and more like hill will be playing most of the season. And in that scenario, I like the combo of gurley + hill WAY more. Also, I think zay jones is a sneaky good play this season. Been acquiring him in a lot of my leagues. 100 targets last season, teams best red zone weapon, another year for Allen. More than fine for a fringe WR3 with upside.

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I do not hate it, but I would absolutely roll in a pick / better WR. I like their 1st and include your 2nd. Alternately, I also ask for Woods as an alternate to whichever WR you like least.

But that said, as much as I have my own thoughts on T Hill, it does look like it might not be anything. Gurley should not be completely useless. I am not totally on board with the doom and gloom. Dude is awesome and the team is still fantastic. He can (and should) take less work but still be in the RB1 weekly with absolutely week winning upside.

If you are risk adverse, try to sweeten the trade a bit for you and go for it. You would not be in a bad place after the trade. If you can stomach adversity, hold tight and know you have two absolutely top end game changing players. Just maybe not precisely what we saw from them last year.

Either way, you appear to be in a good place.

Personally, I would not even think about doing that. I would need at least one player with RB1 or WR1 upside. Not a handful of WR/RB3s.