Gurley for david johnson playoff trade in keeper

its my first time posting in here so hopfully im in the right spot. we have a 10 man 2 person keeper league that has only been running for two years. draft picks are tradable and there is no trade deadline.

recently someone approached me about trading gurley for david Johnson. (the guy with gurley is out of the playoffs and the guy who held dj all year squeeked in in sixth). they are wondering my thoughts on the trade. I am thinking that trading gurley for dj is no different then trading gurly for a #1 pick next year.

what are your thoughts. is it legit or does it call the league into question?

thanks for your advice

I could sure use some advice on this guys.

If the DJ owner wants to go all out and try to win this year it’s fair. They’ll both be first round picks next year so it’s not lopsided. I’d say it’s a fair trade