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Gurley for Gronk and Howard?


I have Hunt and McCoy. I also have Kelley on my bench and could use some TE help. Is this selling too much?


It kind of depends on how you feel about Howard. I would not do this, personally, but I’ve been out on Howard all year, and I think Gurley is a monster who’s finally in a competent NFL offense. He has a tough schedule, but the volume and talent are both massive.


I wouldn’t do it. I like the depth at RB for you there should keep you winning games. Gronk is a beast but every time he’s tackled by a big guy you worry he’s injured and out. Most TEs have been poor fantasy wise this year so a lot of your league are probably struggling. I’d just try to stream the TE and keep your RBs


That’s also the main argument for Gronk: he’s so much better than basically every other TE, that he represents an enormous competitive advantage. If you can guarantee me at least 14 games of Gronk and at least high end RB2 production from Howard, I think this makes since. However, you can do neither, so I would not be willing to take that chance.


Yeah I know what you mean about Gronk being a difference maker. Just feel that if you were to lose Gronk to injury you’d be no worse off than the rest of the league streaming TE. But if Hunt or McCoy were to get injured I feel you’d be better off having Gurley to plug in than Howard.


I’d say if you’re 4-0, take the deal. I’m a Gronk owner. I have Evan engrams on the bench just in case. If you could pick up a brate, or griffin or something like that. You should be fine. If you’re struggling though, take the safe route that these men are suggesting


Having mccoy, hunt, and Jordan just seems like a backfield that is still beastly, and I think todd’s production is unsustainable. Gronk is a mismatch every week that he’s healthy.


I would much rather start Hunt, Gurley and McCoy (I have Hunt & Gurley flexing Ajayi) and stream a TE or try and pick up an Engram type who is getting the targets and yards you’d expect from a TE and he will occasionally find the endzone. I know a lot of people are out on Gurley and are trying to sell high before his schedule gets tougher but his usage has been trending upward and he’s a true 3 down back and they use him a lot in the passing game now so even if he doesn’t get a lot of yds on the ground he gets his fair share in the air. I know Hunt & Gurley most likely won’t keep up the ridiculous production but I’d be more than happy taking a small downtick rather than hoping McCoy comes around this year.


Keep Gurley. The volume alone will ensure his production stays up. Whether it’s in the passing game or the running he’s going to be their go to guy and the fact that he does both so well makes him a solid weapon.


Personally I’d do it. Gurley is entering a gauntlet and you’re getting a very good starting RB as well as the best TE in return. Gronk can win your week every week when he’s healthy. Think in terms of total points. What you’re receiving is far more than you’d score with Gurley and any TE.