Gurley for Guice plus

Dynasty SF, ppr. I have an offer to acquire Gurley for Guice and two firsts (we haven’t fully agreed on which but I have the 1.7 and 1.12 this year, and my 2020 1st).

It’s a new startup and at this point I’m not really sure if I am a contender (other best assets: Deandre Hopkins, Corey Davis, Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, Zack Ertz, Marlon Mack, Kenyan Drake)

Would you make the trade?

Yes, I would.

See if you can grab a second from him to save face. Atleast get something for your rookie stock. But id say yes, with caution

If you weren’t a contender before, you will be once you have Gurley in your lineup. Even if he isn’t the RB1, he will still put up top 5-6 RB numbers for you barring injury.


I like it. I like the idea of trying to grab a 2nd rounder from him too.