Gurley for Hunt & diggs?

Here’s is my team currently, 7-0 and gurley has been super dominant, however should I trade for Kareem hunt & diggs as I have kamara? Kinda get the absolute top value for gurley?

no way man. I mean cool the trade is fine and all but do you really need it? diggs won’t fit in your team, as you also have James white and nick Chubb! You will most probably be winning the trade value wise if that, but would be downgrading your starting lineup. In any case I think you should package chubb, James white and idk something else and go out there and get another absolute stud for your flex, or ty Hilton and Chubb for a better wr. Thats about it, other than that I wouldn’t do anything else.

Is this an 8 team league?

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i see you have an open spot. Id pick up malcolm brown going down the stretch as a handcuff for gurley. just an idea!

Lol no it’s a 10 person leauge I just drafted and traded a lot

I’d stick to what you have. Adams/Hilton is a great 1-2 combo going into later in the year.

You have more depth, I’d try and trade depth for studs rather than other way around. You can take something like Chubb + Baldwin and get a WR upgrade.

Or James White + Baldin and get another RB upgrade or something.

I was more so worried about gurley during playoffs of fantasy. I don’t want to go in without my stud, although I do have kamara. I may be in trade discussions for Chubb & Hilton for Hopkins though

yeah thats the type of trade I would go for. You might be losing in value, but certainly upgrading your starting lineup.

Definitely do this trade.