Gurley for Ingram and AP?

In a redraft league very likely to make the playoffs. Do I trade gurley for Ingram and AP? It’s a playoff schedule upgrade but is it worth it

For more info. Rbs currently consist of leveon, gurley and McKinnon. WRs are Crabtree Jordy (almost useless now) and then a bunch of average guys. If accepted would likely move one of the 4 backs for another good receiver

Do you need AP or is it more for Ingram? If so I wouldn’t do it. Gurley is really good and although his playoff weeks aren’t the best I still believe he will perform. Ingram isn’t bad but has a decent timeshare with Kamara.

Edit: makes more sense after seeing your second post. I’m not sure you will get a lot of value for AP in terms of a WR upgrade so you might have to trade one your top RBs or look to play the matchup with your receivers.

Ingram could slowly be reduced to equal touches but his playoff matchup is craaaaazy so is AP’s who will be startable in the playoffs its tough but I might take that trade if it were me. Gurley is proving to be matchup proof but you’ve got a bit more trading power with ingram & AP