Gurley for Kamara and obj

The offer on the table is Kamara and obj (mine) for Gurley. He is possibly willing to throw in golladay as well.

Other offer on the table is obj and zuerlin for Josh gordon and devante Adams which I also like

Which offer do I take?

Rest if team is wr: obj Keenan Allen diggs Jeffrey and m. Jones. Rb: Kamara CMC kerryon Johnson white and fournette. (8man 0.5PPR)

If he’d throw in Golladay, take Gurley and Golladay for Kamara and OBJ hands down.

What Ben said.

Going to disagree with the above. You don’t want Kenny G when you have MJJ. I’d rather have MJJ than Kenny G ROS by a pretty wide margin.

Or if you do get Kenny G, then you should be looking to sell high on Kenny G to someone else. Maybe try and get like an aaron jones back or a tyler boyd/kupp. Something along those lines.

Personally, i like your team as is and would take the second deal. I think the win on the second deal is bigger than the win on the first deal .You’re basically getting Josh Gordon for free.

The main risk with Gurley is rams go 14-1, lock up the top seed and Gurley doesn’t even see the field for more than a quarter in the championship week. Virtually no shot of that happening for Kamara.

I don’t see a huge deal in having both Kenny G and MJJ. Not to compare them, but the same philosophy applies to a Brown - JuJu duo or Thielen - Diggs duo or playing all 3 WRs in LAR lol, I played the Jones - Sanu duo only a few weeks last year but it worked well for me.

I’m not insanely worried about Gurley sitting Week 16… the whole concept of resting their studs week 17 didn’t work out for them last year in the playoffs, and they’ve been struggling to keep up the pace they set at the beginning of the season.

Getting Gordon for free obviously a huge perk, but after 4 full games in NE, he still hasn’t put up the numbers expected from him when he moved there. I think Gurley is too big of an asset to pass up on personally, and I’m expecting a nice ROS value for Golladay, which can turn into a nice trade later down the road if really desired.

If you want to cap your upside, than sure go for it.

I’m also not putting MJJ + Kenny G in remotely the same tier lol. AB > MJJ by a country mile. JuJu > Kenny G by a decent amount too. Not sure why you would want to handicap yourself like that. Feels foolish to me but to each their own.

Also, again, hindsight is 20/20. Just cause you won a couple weeks with JJ/Sanu doesn’t mean it’s the right play. The right way tot hink about it would be what if you played JJ + another WR from another team? Would that really have been worse / better? Hard to say. Revisionist history is strong in fantasy but I try to stay forward looking.

And although all 3 rams WRs may finish top 25, its very unlikely for each of them to finish that every single game. which is what you want to do when setting line ups. You want to consider line ups on a weekly basis, not on an annual year-end finishing basis. How do you determine which one to play? It’ll be based on matchups for who you think can go off. You’re just inherently nerfing your own upside and not getting much benefit from it. And in weeks where the lions tank (which happens more than I expected this year), you basically lose your week. I always approach the game from a risk/reward trade off. And when you stack WRs, its little to no upside, sometimes worse upside, with more risk.

I’m also not “insanely” worried. Someone on these forums yesterday brought up a good point that gurley is on pace to challenge LT for the single season TD record. If he does keep this pace up and is close, then I think the team still might try and get that for him cause it’s a huge milestone. But if he slows down at all (requires a 2TD+ per game pace going forward) and record is out of reach and rams lock up 14-1, I think its more likely than not gurley gets benched week 16. McVay rested starters last year as well when there was nothing to play for after like 1 quarter. ANd this is their superbowl chance, risking injury for a meaningless game in 16 would be moronic, and McVay isn’t that. So although I’m not insanely worried, I think it would be naive to just completely ignore that risk as if it can’t happen.

And last year, it was a totally new team. They lost to an experienced team who has been to the superbowl. Hard for young guys who have never been there before to beat the experienced. Eagles accomplished it but its extremely rare. So i don’t think it’s right to just assume because it didn’t work last year, McVay won’t do it again this year. It’s just a smart thing to do. Why do you think all the teams want to place highly? So they can get a 1st week bye. By your logic, teams shouldn’t really care about a 1st week bye either. Different circumstances this year that need to be accounted for.

I do agree with you though the chance to get such a rare asset like gurley is hard to pass up on. SO i wouldn’t fight with the OP if he took that deal. It’s not an awful deal at all. Like I said, I think it’s still decent but I see more value in the Josh Gordon trade. I don’t think you can write off gordon after 4 games. Pats O is notoriously hard to learn. You need to follow the volume/snaps. He is now playing in like 90%+ of the snaps. It’s goign to get better. ANd in 4 games, he already has a TD and a 100+ yard game and saw 6+ targets in 3/4 games. Last game he also got White in coverage who has arguably been the best shadow corner in the league so far this year. No one has put up more than 60 yards in his coverage and he has only surrendered 1 TD, to Nuk. Pretty good.

Thanks guys appreciate the input. Also pleased I’m not over thinking it between the 2 and it’s not an obvious one! I am happy with my team and could just stick and see how playoffs pan out assuming I get the wins I need. (Im currently 4-4).

I’m not a fan of the double stack on wrs so would be looking to trade whoever had the bigger week this week of the lions as people will presume that the trends will continue when I suspect they will fluctuate. Plus ive planned not to have all my wrs on bye that i would need to play both lions wr any week even with thr match up.

I also have gronk as my tight end so with white gordon and gronk I do cap myself a little more than I might have suggested with a gordon trade.

I am a little concerned about the Gurley sitting aspect to this. He does what’s best for the team and I agree that’s the right thing. I appreciate he’s on for a record but in the end Gurley strikes me as someone who would trade a record if it meant he got a superbowl ring! Records can be broken. Superbowl rings last forever.

Regarding capping your upside - I don’t mind it if I’m putting up 135 a week, at that point I want to start raising my floor.

Regarding looking backwards - There’s a lot to learn from history. Don’t get caught up in it, but still valuable lessons.

Regarding being worried on the Lions tanking - very fair worry lol. Trade Golladay after getting him.

Regarding the TD record - He knelt on the goal line when everyone already knew he was on pace to break the record, he may not be too worried about the record. This hurts my argument, but I don’t see Goff playing out of his mind like he did in the first few weeks, so they may slow down a little and take a loss or three while the Saints stay right there. I’m not being naive about Gurley’s week 16 opportunity, I just handcuffed Brown, but I wouldn’t let it hinder my opportunity to pick him up for the ROS.

Regarding “by my logic” - I have no idea where you picked up on the idea that my logic suggests teams don’t care about a Playoff Bye

Regarding Gordon - I admit that I’m more down on him than others. I think the Pats have thrived by bleeding their opponents out slowly, with more small yardage plays than huge boom plays. This is why I’d rather have Edelman than Gordon