Gurley for Mike Evans AND Terrelle Pryor

Value-wise for the rest of the season, I feel this is a lop-sided trade.

What are your thoughts on this trade?


I think its fair. Gurley’s remaining schedule is undesirable but i believe in McVay’s offense to stay productive. I don’t know if your league is standard or PPR but either way, 3 down running backs are hard to come by and valuable. So if i were giving up one, I’d want a great player back in return plus something. I think Pryor is a fine buy low option as well. Just my opinion though. Help this helps.

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Thanks. I needed some additional perspective. Basically a PPR league. I’m relatively new to FF and struggling to make sense of trading and player values.

You make a great point about the scarcity and value of three-down backs, which I overlooked. I see Gurley and Evans as approximately similar values (currently), and Pryor, like you said, as a buy-low. Long-term, to me, the trade is unbalanced, but considering Gurley’s status as a three-down back in a McVay offense certainly levels things out.

Thanks again.

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No problem, glad I could offer a different view point. If you accept the trade, hopefully Pryor bounces back. He has all the potential, he just needs to get on the same page with Cousins. Who are your other running backs and how many do you have to start?

Actually, I am a third-party bystander to this trade between two other league-mates. I was surprised to see it.

The player giving Gurley is pretty loaded at RB: Bell, Dalvin Cook, Gillislee, Jamaal Charles, Jordan Howard. We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and 1 WR/RB/TE FLEX.

Wow, they are definitely loaded at RB so they afford to make this trade. Well best of luck to you this fantasy season bud.

Thanks, same to you.