Gurley for Zeke in playoffs

As a Gurley owner I have concerns with his use come fantasy playoffs. Should I trade him away for another running back stud?

If you feel you have to, I’d ask for another RB stud+ at bare minimum.

Zeke owner has nobody else of value to me, and the owner isn’t making the playoffs.

Then offer a package that improves their overall starting lineup & DOES NOT include Gurley. Consolidate your depth if possible.

No. I wouldn’t. With the saints playing like they are, it might come down to the wire for playoff seeding so I don’t see either team pulling their foot off the gas cause homefield for saints is the diff between a W and an L.

And the dropoff from Gurley to Zeke is way too much.

Also another consideration is that Gurley has a shot at challenging LT’s single season TD record so if they get close, I feel like the team might want that for him.

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Thanks! I guess overall Gurley is on the better team as well.

By a country mile.