Gurley+Harmon ...for... Kerryon+Thielen

I have an opportunity to get Gurley in Dynasty. I can always work out the finer details, but would it be worth obtaining with his knee concerns and giving away Kerryon? It’s a full ppr league.

Any insight or help is appreciated. Thanks ballers.

It’s tough but I’d probably go with Gurley + Harmon. Kerryon stated in an interview that he does not want to be a featured workhorse RB for DET. Patricia confirmed this as well in a separate interview by saying he didn’t want to overwork him and wants a backfield like he experienced in NE. Gurley on the other hand has publicly said recently that his knee is no concern to him and he dealt with bigger knee issues out of college. That was comforting for me to hear. I think LAR will take a step back from how much they used him last year, but he will still be a top tier guy. The loss of Thielen will hurt since he is in his prime right now, but I like the future of Harmon with Haskins.


This was comforting to hear. Who said Eagle and Cowboy fans cannot work together? Lol.

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Update: Ended up with Gurley, Harmon, and Curtis Samuel for the two.

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I just traded away Gurley to get kerryon Johnson in a package deal… I fealt a lot more confident after Gurley said his knee wasnt a concern but then thought back to when he said he was fine in the playoffs. Then hardly played at all even in the superbowl when they could have really used him… he scares me at the moment. He gets paid a lot of money so you know they will use him as much as they can though…