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Gurley / Henderson / Evans for Kamara / Hilton?

12 team, Superflex, PPR, Dynasty. I am the Gurley owner.

The Kamara owner is trying to convince me this is a trade well in my favor (he’s a Rams fan). Generally speaking, I like getting out of the Gurley business, especially if it means getting Kamara. BUT…giving up Evans for Hilton…just not sure. Though I’m warming to it.


That’s tough. I would probably hold though since you have both Gurley and Henderson.

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That’s a humdinger right there. I would hold as well. Maybe wait to see what the usage will be for the Rams and then trade if he starts fast.

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Hold Gurley 4 sure man. It’s a win, win for you. If Gurley is ok than you got the best RB, and if not you have Henderson in the cut.

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I’d pull Henderson out of the trade and go for that. I like Kamara over Gurley this season and the Rams announced they’ll be in a time share as well. It’s a dynasty league and I like Kamara’s future over Gurley’s. I wouldn’t do the trade if it included Henderson though unless I was getting first round pick too.

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Give me the gurley side all day.


I would pull the trigger. Here’s why: (1) gurley is too risky moving forward; (2) gurleys upside is now capped, he will not be what Alvin kamara is (younger, healthier, focal point, bell cow); (3) yes, Evans is younger and I actually have a soft spot for him, but he’s never ascended into the upper tier; (4) TY Hilton is a good receiver who when healthy and has Andrew Luck is filthy; (5) Hilton statistically just isn’t that much of a step down; (6) to get around trading younger Evans, you have time, particularly in this draft, to grab a receiver or two who could be really good in a year or two when Hilton will actually need to be replaced; and, finally (6) Alvin kamara, need I say more?

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