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Gurley, Howard, Ingram & Kamara


Who the hell do I sit this week?!


How many spots


I have to fill 2 RB’s and 1 flex. Have to sit one of them. I don’t want to sit any of them!


I would look at the defense numbers against them and go from there-not a bad problem to have! I do know Howard is gonna ball out this week-


Its between gurey n ingram for me n i would play gurley


gurley and howard carry the ball more than ingram/kamara so they are the best ones for your RB slots. but those saints rb are a total toss up. start the one with the higher upside. kamara


Trade bro!


Start Kamara over over Ingram. Obviously the first two are starts. Buffalo is best against the run. They’re weaker against pass catching backs. I lean Kamara over Ingram.