Gurley Keeper Decision

I have the opportunity to keep Gurley this year but it would cost me my first round pick. I have the third pick in a .5 ppr 10 team league with 2 keepers each. The top available options after everyone’s keepers based on how the first two picks go would be 2 of either Bell, Zeke, Adams, J. Jones. My biggest concern is not getting a RB early and having to wait until the back end of the 2nd to get one with limited options given 20 players off the board before we start. I do have K. Johnson in the 9th as my RB2. Should I take the chance with one of those guys and let Gurley go? Alternatively I could possibly go another route and still likely get him there if Bell and Zeke go with the first two? Help!

me personally, i would let gurley go. its not that i dont like gurley, but you get more value out of having that pick open to anything. hell, gurley will probably make it to you at 1.03 if you want to keep him, and you can keep someone else as well that you like on your team for a good value. plus, like you said. with KJ you have flexibility. i have been pairing him in my keeper league in mocks with players like carson, fournette, montgomery and just building good solid RB2 depth around him and have been loving my teams.

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Who else could you keep?

Personally, I’m letting Gurley go. I also could keep him for my 1st round pick but I’m going with A. Jones in the 12th and Kupp in the 8th as my 2 keepers because there’s too much value there. I’m letting Gurley (1st) and OBJ (2nd) go back in and I’ll see what’s there when I pick in 1&2. I know I can definitely get one of them back if I wanted to, possibly both if it falls right.