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Gurley, Miller, or Fournette


In a 12 team full point ppr league which rb would you rather have of the 3?


If I’m taking my second Rb I’d take gurley if it’s my first I’d take Fournette. Gurley has more floor Fournette has more upside to be an rb1


Personally would prefer Gurley of the batch, as he has track record (not sure how much that means though)


I would rank them Gurley, Fournette, Miller.

We’ve all seen what Gurley can do and I think he bounces back this year.

Fournette has tremendous upside, the jags would prefer to never throw the ball. But we’ve never seen him in an NFL game, there’s risk there.


I have it Miller, Gurley, Fournette.

I think Miller will still get a good work load and no Brock with help his efficiency. Gurley had a good stretch of a few games his rookie year. Hopefully the coaching change will help the offense not be so vanilla. Fournette just has the lowest floor out of the three.

I think they all could end up top based on usage, I just see Miller with the lowest floor out of the three.


Watch the tape, Gurley isn’t a good runner. He needs yards before contact to have success.

I would eliminate Fournette immediately if this will be an RB1. He has the risk of not even starting, and the upside of being a part of a bad offense. I like him for RB2, but not as much as either Miller or Gurley.

Miller is a better player than Gurley, but Gurley will have more touches especially through the air. Something I am seeing a lot is people writing off Miller. Last season was a really bad situation, and Murray had the same thing happen. He bounced back to form and so will Miller. The Texans offense will rely on the run game and the defense.

I would still say Gurley though, just because he will get solid receiving numbers in a full PPR league.


Hello to all!
I would simply rank them Miller Gurley Fournette.
Millers situation changed drastically for the good. Gurley stats will improve from last year (at least in the beginning of the season).However the Rams and Jags mainly play from behind. Fournettes the biggest question mark.


Great question and honestly I struggle with this one as well.
I think the general consensus would be Gurley, Miller, Fournette. However, I don’t trust Gurley much. He burned a lot of people last year for the price.

I think it all comes down to value and where you can get each one. If I can pick up Fournette in the late 3rd, I think I grab him there for sure. He’s just got too much talent and ability and initial reports are that the team wants to be a run first offense so I think the opportunity is there for him.

Gurley and Miller both could bounce back from a lack laster year or so. Gurley has the right opportunity but I just don’t know if he’s talented enough to make the most of it. Miller is a solid RB, but I feel like I’ve been burned by him in the past and some lackluster seasons have me shying away from him. Again, it all comes down to where I can pick them up in the draft. I think Gurley will be the “safe” bet, Miller will be the value pickup if he falls a bit and Fournette could be the highest ceiling/breakout player.


I got curious so I did some digging from the guys watching training camp, and Fournette (entire offense) is really struggling. Let’s assume Fournette sees 260 attempts this season. Bortles has been awful, like 5 picks per day in training camp awful. Now see 2016 Miller, except the Jags have a receiving back in Yeldon, and the defense is not as strong. In 12 team PPR mocks at the FFC, in the all-human results he goes around 2.06 pretty regularly. I only saw one where he made it into the 3rd.


I can totally understand what your saying but didn’t the rams bring in a
third down receiving back who could potentially steal touches through the
air from Gurley? And with Bortles doing so bad at camp, Doug Marrone hinted
he wants to run the ball as much as possible


They brought in Lance Dunbar, but I think they still try to get him the ball in space more even with Dunbar there (him being Gurley). And the Jags would like to run more but the O line is still terrible and game script may not allow it. Just think for early rounds you limit risk and I think Miller does that.


With some of the guys we argue about on here, I think we are nit picking. I feel a lot of them won’t have huge differences in production. With these three I really feel like they will be all over the place.