Gurley offer

I was just offered a Gurley package…my initial reaction is to hit accept before he cancels the offer, but I want to hear what the footclan has to say before I make my final decision.

Trade away: Kelce and Hunt
Receive: Gurley and Burton

A healthy Gurley would absolutely solidify my RBs, but I have major reservations about him moving forward. McVay now knows Gurley’s workload limit and is likely going to try to stay well under that threshold to preserve Gurley for the playoffs. If it’s true that Gurley has Arthritis in his knees, the man will struggle to finish out his contract. Burton has never really piqued my interest and is a massive step down from Kelce, but I suppose there are worse TE options out there. He did have a few solid games and was playing on a hurt groin for a bit.

Yes Kelce is getting older, but he is still in his prime and will likely be the #1 TE for at least another year or two…he’ll probably stay in the top 3 elite TE tier for another year or two after that simply because of how strong the KC offense is. Plus if anything happens to Hill (suspension wise), Kelce will put up even more points than he does now and he’s already producing as a RB1 or WR1. While I’m not completely opposed to moving Hunt, I do think he will be fantasy relevant again (either in Cleveland or elsewhere) with the Browns giving him a shot…and the guy is only freakin 23 years old.

So all that being said, am I overthinking this? I’m being offered a top 5 RB and arguably the #1 RB when healthy. I feel like there is significantly more risk on the Gurley side, but it’s not like my end of the package is 100% locked in (well, the Kelce part is).

My Team:

QB: Mayfield, Wilson, Foles, Flacco, Smith, McCoy
RB: DWilliams, Carson, Hunt, Guice, White, Burkhead, Dixon, Thompson, Wilkins, Buck Allen, Boone, Wade
WR: Adams, MThomas, AB, Woods, Davis, Moncrief, Reynolds, Dorsett, Jordy
TE: Kelce, Ian Thomas, Jonnu Smith
DST: Bears
Picks: 2019 2.10, 3.03, 3.10

@octoberland my dude, what are your thoughts on this one bud?

25 views and no replies? Any insight is appreciated

I would not make that deal, for all the reasons you lay out.

You are giving up the best TE who should remain in the top teir for several years and a 23 YO RB who was top tier before getting cut and suspended

for a top tier RB who may have arthritis and TE who has never been much more than hype, he toiled away in philly and was replaced for a reason

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If I made this trade, it would be to use Gurley to acquire other pieces that I do like…like Dalvin Cook/Joe Mixon plus a better TE. I know there’s still some Gurley truthers out there so it would come down to whether or not I would be able to move Gurley for a return slightly better than Kelce/Hunt.

I would not do the trade.

Kelce is only 29 i believe, he has several more years left.
Gurley will not see the volume he saw last year. They will manage his touches.

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@SmokinJ @whoppology101 I get what you’re saying about it being too risky and I agree…but how do you feel about the trade value of it? Which side do you think is more valuable trade wise? I am looking to upgrade at RB (and/or get more depth), and Kelce was a piece I was considering using to make that happen. Would you rather have Kelce or Gurley in your pocket to use in a trade offer? I think Kelce would appeal to win now teams more and Gurley would appeal to a wider audience. What are your thoughts on that?

Usually good RB1s are needed for a championship push. Gurley will still be a good RB1. So one could say that Gurley is a key piece for a win now team.

Much easier to piece together a win now team with a weak TE than it is with weak RB1s. So if trade value is your only consideration then…Gurley for me

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I agree with this, in a vacuum deciding “value” on a player, Gurley is a greater value than Kelce. But from a team building standpoint i’d rather have Kelce/Hunt than Gurley/Burton


If you are trading all these pieces either way, I think you want the value of Gurley. If you are looking to add to your team, you take longer term of Kelce. I am not sure Hunt is going to be as good as he was in KC and I do not see him taking over in CLE. Burton at this point is no where near Kelce, but he is still a decent tight end. Plus you might be able to roll both of them into another trade.

I would check to see if the Cook / Mixon owner(s) would even be interested. Especially if either of those teams have a good TE to toss into the package. Like Njoku / Howard / Henry. That would be an interesting trade for Dynasty and I think it would get it done. Also maybe a 2020 pick?


@whoppology101 @SmokinJ @octoberland I’m not 100% looking to move Kelce, but he was one of the pieces I was thinking about moving to help bolster my RBs. I know for sure the Mixon owner wants Gurley, but his TE is Jared Cook and I dont think that’s necessarily enough of a step up from Burton (if at all). I would consider moving him to the Dalvin Cook owner, he also has Engram who I like this year with no OBJ and possibly a QB upgrade on the horizon.

So if you pulled off all the trades at the end it your roster would essentially to

Trade: Kelce and Hunt
Receive: Dalvin Cook and Engram (and burton?)

i’d stick with Kelce and Hunt personally but can see the argument for getting cook and engram

If you ended up with Dalvin Cook and Engram for Gurley, I think that is pretty good. Clearly Gurley is the biggest fish (even with concerns), but if you wanted to move him for Dalvin and Evan I do not hate it. All that said, it would be hard to
dump Gurley but you are getting fair value for him and some youth with solid upside. And FWIW, I think Gurley for both those pieces is very fair for both sides.

Does that help at all?

@SmokinJ @octoberland balls. Gurley and Burton endd up being traded for Dalvin and Engram…I waited a few hours too long. I meant to pull the trigger last night but fell asleep. Cook and Engram were targets of mine, would’ve been easier had i just made the damn trade yesterday. Ugh

ah man. sorry to hear that. what about moving for Mixon? is he only wanting Gurley in exchange?

Mixon owner is RB crazy, doesn’t want to downgrade RB to upgrade his WRs even though his WRs are doo doo haha. I’ll work something out, thanks all for the responses!

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Definitely understand that. I hope you get something sorted!