Gurley or Mixon?

I have the dilemma of making a choice between keeping Todd Gurley II or Joe Mixon. Mixon looks on the verge of taking his production to the next level, and Gurley has historically put up ridiculous stats, single handedly carring teams to the fantasy championships. Thoughts?

League Format

  • 10 team
  • full point PPR
  • 2 keepers (the other player I’m keeping is Davante Adams)
  • drafting #10 overall

I would go with mixon at this point… If gurley stays health all year (big if) then he will still be splitting to prevent the major wear that he had going into the playoffs last year. Mixon wont split nearly as much and that offense should take step forward. with the 10th pick you may get a chance at taking gurley again with the negative news coming out…you wouldn’t have the chance with mixon.

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Good points. Based on the projected keepers from other teams. The best RBs available to select will be Gurley/Mixon, D. Williams, D. Freeman, and A. Jones … slim pickings. Have to think 2-3 will get swallowed up before making back to me.

When do you have to decide?

If you don’t have to decide now, then don’t.

I’d lean towards Mixon, but if possible, wait and see what TC brings for Gurley.

If you can’t wait, then keep Mixon.

And of the available backs you name, Aaron Jones is the choice. Snag him if you can.

I don’t have to decide until the first Saturday in August. At this point I’m just gathering info to try and work trade with another team. The wait and see approach is probably safest though.

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I’m avoiding Gurley unless he falls to the 3rd/4th round so I’d definitely take Mixon here

I’d be keeping Gurley. I don’t see his workload dropping off too much if he stays healthy. His ceiling is still #1 in the league. Just make sure you snag Darrell Henderson and I think you’ll be fine.

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If Gurley is on the field, he’s got a ceiling (even accounting for a smaller snap share) that Mixon can’t match.

I’d keep Gurley personally.

I do like Mixon in a vacuum though.

I’d keep Mixon. Although losing Jonah Williams definitely hurts. Reading that news made my heart sink as I made a tonne of investments to acquire Mixon shares this offseason. I still love him going forward given age and talent. It’s all about eliminating risk in those early keeper rounds so taking Mixon and Adams is the safer path.