Gurley Owner Sell HIGH+

I own gurley & kamara. Currently 7-0 and loving the team, but if I can capitalize and somehow pull off a RB1 & WR1, should I take it? Or is gurley just WAY too dominant scoring 20+ in each game. STD

How are your WRs? Not a bad idea to sell high. if you can get a lot for him like a mixon or zeke plus a WR1 id go for it

I’m rolling with Davante Adams, ty Hilton, Doug Baldwin. Currently tryna get a trade for Hopkins for Hilton and nick Chubb

that would be a great trade.

I just traded Gurley for Barkley & Ertz.

Short-term it’s great but when it comes to playoffs, there’s a good chance rams starters sit out.

Should I offer diggs and Kareem Hunt for gurley?

I was just offered Stefon Diggs and Kareem Hunt for gurley. I love gurley as he’s single handledly given me W’s, but should I do this?

There’s not such thing as a sell high for a player like gurley. Short of injury, he’s going to be hard to be out done from a fantasy perspective.

But if someone overpays you, you obviously take the trade.

Just an RB1 and WR1 isn’t enough. Would have to a high end RB1 + a WR1.

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Any concern for his usage come playoffs (fantasy?)

Not really. If he’s getting benched, it’s probably cause he already has like 2 TDs

One thing to keep in mind. If you make it to P/O’s, Gurley, Cooks, Kupp and Woods may not be as productive by then. Especially if they keep playing like they are.

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I was thinking the same thing for playoffs…I was thinking of offering Gurley for Barkley and either Hill or Julio. My trade deadline isn’t until 11/21 so in going to hold on it to him until the day before if I decide to make that trade.

If you can get Barkley + Hill or Barkley + JJ for Gurley, you take it. very lopsided. Barkley and Gurley are pretty close to one another.


My particular dilemma is that I’m prob gonna need Gurley just to make it TO THE P/O’S!!! LOL

So…I can’t see that it’s gonna make much difference at this point for me personally. I mean, yeah…of course we all want to take the SB if we make it to the P/O’s…but at this point I’m just wanting to make sure I have that bridge to cross first. :smirk:

Have to agree with ya there. Unfortunately Saquan is not an option for me. Oh well…I still have Gurely. :smile:

Being 7-0, I feel like I I’m a lock for playoffs (next guy up is 5-2) so I’m just looking to capitalize on Gurley to get the best package I can get for him

I agree with everyone else who is telling you to go for it and I’m in the same situation. I’d like to get Barkley but the only other receiver the guy has worth taking is Woods. Would you still try to make this deal? Given the reason for the deal is the playoff benching of players?

Or, is there another RB1 elite enough to make a Gurley trade worth it?

Considering the playoff situation that some have brought up…what would you rather have toward the end of the year? Gurley or both Lev Bell & Connor (whoever gets the bulk) and someone like CMC

or if you could trade Gurley for Gordon with the injury, would you do that if you can get a low WR1 or high WR2 with it?

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Gordon and JJ I would strongly consider. I don’t like the RB Situation in PIT. I don’t think they know what to do either. It’s gonna be confusing all around.

I traded Gurley in a keeper league last year just before trade deadline because I had Kareem Hunt and got Jordan Howard (and Michael Thomas) in the deal. I still have Hunt, Howard and Thomas but have regretted this deal ever since. I had to face the new Gurley owner in the championship game and he beat me. So I would discourage you from trading him.

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