Gurley owner trading for Brown

Gurley owner. An opponent picked up Malcolm Brown and is offering me Larry Fitz, Mack and Brown for Mike Evans and Ekeler. Should I accept?

No. He’s trying to take advantage of you. Call his bluff and wait until they drop him. Had this happen in my league and he dropped Brown once I rejected his offer.


Completely agree with the Fluffykiin

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That’s my instinct, but I’m not sure he gets dropped. The team has like 1 win, so the value of the last bench spot isn’t exactly enough to turn their season around if they were to pick someone up off waivers instead of using it for Brown. It’s a pretty deep league and waivers are thin.

There’s always other options you can plug in from other teams that have clinched that final week as well. Gurley is going for a TD record. It will be interesting to see how things shake out.

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If that’s true Hazel then Brown is going to do nothing for your opponent but possibly helping him in week 16 when he’s playing in the Consolation Ladder. The reason he wants to trade you Brown is because he needs to win now and Brown isn’t going to do that for him. You can’t give up a WR1 for a handcuff. If you want, you can pay up for Brown but do not give up any valuable pieces that got you to the position you are in. Don’t tilt because of the concerns that Andy brought up, Gurley is going to be fine.


Well I don’t want Brown so I can start him if Gurley rests late in the season after the LAR have clinched if that’s what you’re referencing. I want him as an insurance policy in case Gurley gets injured before then. Even if it’s just a hamstring injury, those things are common and can really linger. My team is winning because of Gurley, so if he were to go out for any length of time, it’s not a stretch to think the team would lose because of him, too. Just kicking myself I didn’t pick him up sooner.

Its all about how much you value handcuffs. As a fellow gurley owner I picked up Brown but then dropped him to pick up a more valuable asset (5-2). I am also a Bell owner in a different league who did not pick up Conner (6-1). Injuries can happen to any player. You can pay for Brown But giving up Evans and Ekler for Brown, Larry and Mack? That is too big of a price to pay imo.

The funny thing is, I don’t think of myself as someone who values handcuffs that highly. I always just assumed I’d be able to pick Brown up when I needed to but seeing how good Gurley has been, I feel like Brown would be 1 of the most valuable players on my team even if he produced like 1/2 Gurley when/ if called upon. Ugh… Thanks for the input

too early to waste roster space on hand cuffs. Also, if Gurley goes down, I’d bet my money on John Kelly over Brown. Best case scenario, brown probably in a timeshare with Kelly but worst case, kelly’s talent takes over and Brown just remains what he is, a backup.

This is the right point. Most people look at Brown but Kelly is the superior talent of the 2 if it came down to Gurley being rested/hurt.

Curious why you are high on Kelly. Has he even been active for a game this year?

Just talent wise, he’s way better. And actually has the 3 down skill set to be a lead back. Brown is like Alfred Blue. can look good on a couple plays as a back up but just doesn’t have any talent. If Gurley were to actually go down, Brown with 20+ touches is not going to win you games. Kelly with 20+ touches has way more potential.

I get that Brown was undrafted and doesn’t have the pedigree. But it’s tough for me to see the staff turning over the backup role to someone who’s not even active on game days this year.

As an avid UTn football fan and John Kelly truther, I agree totally. He has a great skill set, can be used on all three downs, solid speed, and runs like a deranged man. If Gurley goes down I’d pick him up instantly.

Brown might have the first crack at it, but if Gurley goes down, Brown isn’t getting 20+ touches a game. They’re goign to give Kelly opportunities. ANd its going to be like Kerryon vs Blount. Except McVay isn’t a moron like Patricia is. Talent wins out. Kelly has it, brown doesn’t. If you watched the pre-season, it was clear.

While I agree with your sentiment its a good pre-emptive measure to prepare for an injury to Gurley, giving up Mike Evans is definitely not the fair trade, that’s unless you have other WR1s to hold up the team (even then I personally wouldn’t still).

Regardless if it’s Brown or Kelly, neither are worth losing your top guys for a handcuff right now.

Yeah, I also have Julio. Suppose I can always counter. Gurley is too valuable not to have something in place.

Concerning Kelly…I’ve had him in the back of my thoughts since way back in the summer. He was one of the hot topics as far as up and coming rookies this year.
Others that were in that same “topic” of constant discussions were of course Cooper Kupp (yeah I know he wasn’t a first year rookie…BUT…look how he broke out this year), Nick Chubb (it happened), Calvin Ridley and several others that I can’t come up with right off hand. (I’m sure many here will be able to help with that).

BUT…the point is…there are soooo many incredible rookies out there now that have INCREDIBLE potential. They just haven’t found the “opportunity” yet. And John Kelly is one. He’s got the talent, skill, ability and capability. He’s just not had the chance to show it yet. Just like Nick Chubb until Hyde’s situation.

But…if Gurley were to go down…Kelly’s very, very possibly gonna reap TONS AND TONS AND TONS as a result. Kinda what @MikeMeUpp, @Caveman45 and @Justahermit were referring to.

Brown has had the benefit of looking good against a beat up D late in games. Kelly was someone I hated going to a team that he’s blocked from getting a chance. He’s the guy with ability if Rams needed someone else.

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