Gurley owner wants to sell

I’m in a half point PPR dynasty league and I asked the gurley owner what it would take to get him.

He pretty said he was lacking in depth and was open to offers. He then issued a ‘come and get him’ message to our group chat.

I have both Lev Bell and David Johnson I’m prepared to package with Julio. Who would you package from my team?

Kerryon, Bell/DJ, Julio if you have to. Maybe kerryon + Bell + DJ is better. GURLEY is worth either one to me.

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I’ve sent some over and messaged him saying I’m open to negotiation.

My main concern with Bell is that he won’t come back fit and then he’ll end up at a team that shares workload.

I think DJ gives him the RB replacement he can start, but I like his matchups and think he can get back to his best

Totally agree on Bell. I wouldn’t want to own him without Conner really - before he steps on the field again I mean. If he gets back w the team and has a game where Conner shoulders the load vast majority, even his first week back, and does it in top10 fashion as usual, I’d freak I wasted Bell this season. I think this is even better than seeking Conner tho. Gurley can make you win any week no matter the circumstances. From DJ To Gurley is so much of a bigger delta than JJ to Keenan. Unless this new AZ offense thing (I just saw a headline) somehow works for DJ. Not worth hoping that’s a winner…pay up for Gurley if you can, just w/o not having a #1 guy at every position like you do currently.

If you can keep Julio though…send either more WR’s or better RB combo…I’d def do that.

Like, I would do Kerryon + Bell + DJ + Corey Davis or something for Gurley. He’s worth like twice that.

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