Gurley - playoff bound team

Redraft - 1 RB superflex
Received an offer of Ajayi and Jeffery for Gurley

Keep Gurley man. He is matchup proof for the most part since he is involved in both the passing and rushing game. Can’t go wrong with a dual threat. His only bad game has been against Seattle and that was an anomaly considering if it wasn’t for the forced fumble he would’ve had a TD. I’d bet money he won’t make that mistake again.

Finally someone sees what I see in gurley :joy: I’ve seen post about trade him for hunt and that’s what everybody doing Arizona had defensive players go down so did Seattle in not scared of the titans defense roll with gurley :muscle:t2:

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Trade gurley only if you get equal or greater value. I had him and was offered Wilson and fournette for him and jumped at it since also had Bell & was able to get 2 great players for one

Yeah, Gurley will perform. He’s not going to be a dud. If the Rams offense hasn’t proved itself yet then idk how thy can lol.