Gurley, Thielen for Evans, Martin

Alright, I proposed the trade, they just accepted it, and I want somebody’s thoughts.

I’m in a 10 team .5ppr and my other RB’s are Hunt, Zeke, and Ajayi. I’m in the camp that doesn’t quite believe Gurley can keep it up, especially with the upcoming schedule and I felt like he’s my best option to sell high right now (since it seems wasteful to have 4 top RB’s and not being able to use them all). Also, I was trying to think more towards the playoffs, and the Bucs seem to have a really good second half of the season for those two.

I was pretty confident proposing the trade, but for whatever reason, I’m a little doubtful now that the trade has been accepted. Thoughts? Thanks guys.

I like the deal, only concern if Zeke ends up getting suspended. Do you own McFadden or Alf Morris? But I agree, Gurleys schedule gets brutal and I think Martin will be a top 20 guy.

I don’t, but I would hope to fill that space with Martin if it came to that. I also have Chris Carson stashed though.

I like it. You’re stacked at RB and I agree that Gurley can’t keep it up and you scored a Top 5 WR for him AND a solid RB 2 with RB 1 upside.

Those were my thoughts too. Plus the trade doesn’t go through until after this weekend so I still get one more decent matchup from Gurley and I get to miss out on the entirety of Martin’s suspension. Hopefully Gurley chills out the rest of this year and doesn’t make me regret this.