Gurley thread

Any Gurley owners think he will be rested for the championship round?

Sounds like 50/50 from what I’ve been hearing. From the Rams standpoint, it would be smart to sit him this week. I’d rather have them sit Gurley altogether instead of having him play maybe half a game. Just want some clarity on the situation.


I agree with @Deima89, there isn’t any need for them to push Gurley at this point and it would be smart to rest him for the NFL playoffs
Especially knowing that Gurley despises Fantasy Football, it’s highly possible that they are reporting he will play to screw with us (we saw several games where he made obvious plays/non-plays supporting this)

So it’s possible he plays one series and then sits the remainder of the game

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So it looks like he’s not going to be able to break LT’s single season record for TD which everyone was saying he may have a shot at breaking. But he is 1TD shy of tying Eric Dickerson/Marshall Faulk’s single season TD record of 18TD. It’s possible that maybe he scores AT LEAST 1TD on Sunday to get to that mark and maybe another for week17 to break it?

I’m stressed thinking about this lol

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@tofuwithanr exactly, Rams organization doesn’t care one bit about fantasy football, they care about getting as far into the playoffs as possible. McVay isn’t gonna come out early in the week and rule out Gurley, that would give the Cardinals an entire week to gameplan for that. At this point I’m just hoping if he’s limited, that he doesn’t suit up at all.

Now the backup situation is clear as mud too…

If Malcom Brown was healthy it would be a no brainer start if Gurley were to sit. He’s on IR. Justin Davis is dealing with some shoulder injury, not sure how serious that is. Is John Kelly gonna be the #1 guy? How much of a role is CJ Anderson going to have, given he just joined the organization a few days ago and has until Sunday to learn the playbook?

Still feeling blessed to have had Gurley be a big part in getting me to the championship but this is stressful lol. Hopefully we know more in the coming days

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@Deima89, honestly I would think it’s John Kelly as the #1
Despite the Rams not having confidence in him, he knows the system better than CJ Anderson that just got picked up from the street
It’s also highly possible that they just go RBBC for one week and just keep rotating guys in especially for CJ to give him some experience with the system.

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Why give CJ experience? It seems like he’s the emergency back up cause of brown/Davis being down. They gonna cut him as soon as either of them are back.

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