Gurley Trade Help! Thanks Everyone!

I was offered Saquon Barkley & Ertz for Gurley. Should I take it??

My thoughts: I’m 4-3 and I know as the Rams keep destroying, there’s a good chance the Rams starters including Gurley will be sitting out during fantasy playoffs. Would love your insights!

who’s your TE? I like that trade in any PPR format…

we don’t have a TE spot. I would use Ertz as a flex. My team currently is:

Tom Brady
Mark Ingram
Tyler Boyd
Larry Fitz
Cooper Kupp (sitting on bench until he’s better)
Jordan Howard

This is a tough one but I think I would do it. Barkely is probably the only RB I would be comfortable shipping Gurley out for as he too is game-script proof. I would much rather get a better WR than TE but if this is the only offer you can get I’d roll with it.

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Yeahh, it’s definitely hard to let go of Gurley, but I think thinking a couple weeks ahead, fantasy playoffs Gurley may sit out like last year. Whereas Giants will be still pushing. Thanks for your insight!

I’d say it improves your team as the production of Barkley and Ertz will outweigh Gurley for ROS and you can play them both every week no questions asked. Does he have a better receiver than Ertz that you could ask for first?

What would the other guys team look like with Gurley on the roster though?

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His record is 6-1 ( I just gave him his first loss of the season last week).

He has Jarvis Laundry, Ertz, Gronk and James Conner. No good WR’s.

With Gurley he would have kirk cousins, james conner, gurley, landry chris carson and gronk

*Landry haha

Haha, you’d leave him in a pretty dire WR/TE situation and would improve your team as you would have two every week starters who produce at high levels, Ertz is basically what Jimmy Graham and Gronk were 4-5 years ago, the guy is a stud and averages double digit targets. I’d do it and I never thought Id endorse trading Gurley away this year but that playoff schedule seems risky knowing hed sit even if it were just a half.

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Rightt, Ertz is great and I love watching him play haha. And I don’t think I would trade Gurley if they weren’t 6-0 and on a clear path to securing their playoff seed. Guess II have to be a die hard saints fan in the meantime haha. Thanks your your input man!

*Thanks for your input

Best of luck!!

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You too! :slight_smile: