Gurley Trade help!

thinking about trading gurley because I need wr help.

Can trade gurley and Walker for Hunt and Tate.

Good Trade??

yes, gurley has arguably the hardest rb schedule for the rest of the season, walker has been underperforming this season and could turn it around which is unlikely… whether or not u have a back up te i would take it

Have to assume Hunt returns to early season form at least a little bit right? just hard to pull the trigger because gurley has been so dominant

Understand having hard time trading gurley. I was able to flip him for russel Wilson and fournette. Playoff schedule was what sold it as one of the front running teams trying to maximize my team

Nice trade, I was able to flip Gurley and K. Cousins for R. Wilson and Shady McCoy. I’m stoked for the playoffs. And I do like the trade at the beginning of the thread… seems fair. We’re all in the same boat if Gurley keeps killing it…