Gurley trade help!?

Would u give up Kamara and Adams for Gurley and Juju???

Depends on your other RBs and WRs. Wouldn’t want Juju to be my WR1, but I’m fine with Kamara as my RB1

My RBs are Hyde Lynch Foreman AP
WRs are Edelman Gordon Ridley Coutee and Kearse

This is a pretty even trade…
Since it is close, I want the best player out of the deal so I want the Gurley/JuJu side…

But man, that is a difficult decision


Difficult because I don’t wanna give up Kamara or Adams but I feel like I can possibly do a 2 for 1 trade where I can get a better WR or RB to help out

With my other players

I’d sell high on Edelman and package in Lynch or AP for an upgrade at RB. Keep Kamara and Adams. with Gordon and Ridley you have high upside WR2 guys and you need a solid RB2 ROS so i’d do that

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Trade Edelman for Kerryon? Or Edelman and AP for someone higher?

Kerryon is a solid enough RB2 but if you could package Edelman and AP and get someone not in a committee that would be better for your team overall. Not sure who to target but is anyone rich at RB and really suffering at WR in your league who you can target?


If I’m the Gurley owner I think about that trade without JuJu. Gurley is the MVP this year right now and doesn’t have to share carries at all. He has double the carries, almost double the yards, 11tds to 6, only thing Kamara has over him is catches and rec yards. Gurley is just on another level


take gurley side and run

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Yea but only RBs that r good r CMac and Powell for that team

I added Adams because he has Rodgers so he’d be able to stack them he’s pretty good on WRs

Or I can try Brieda White or Fournette doubt he would trade white tho

CMC or White would be okay RB2s for you if you could get one of them for Edelman and either Lynch or AP i’d be okay with that. You could go for Fournette but he may not help you for a while and if he keeps tweaking his hamstring he’ll be a dud for you all season

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I’d try for cmc but idk it would be pretty hard
White might be a bit easier, what do u think about Breida?

I think CMC should be easy to buy, had a down week and still no rushing TDs on the year. Breida is fine but I would just start with Edelman for him and say it’s injury risk if he has White and Fournette as well they may go for it if they need a WR bad. Does this team also have CMC and Powell if so just try and get any of them for Edelman aside from Powell he’s of no interest

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Grab Gurley man don’t overthink it. Kamara is good but his ROS value takes a hit with Ingram back. A very small hit but nevertheless a hit. Gurley is solo in that backfield and is really good. Not to mention how good the offense he’s on is as well. If you look at his Redzone touches compared to every other RB it’s insane how much they look to him to score and he does quite often. All the factors added in, Gurley is definitely in his own category.

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I’m just waiting on the guys reply my opponent for this week tried getting Gurley but offered Ingram and Green

CMC and Powell on one team
Breida White And Fournette on another team