Gurley trade help! :)

Im thinking of trading Gurley for CMC & OBJ.

I have: Brady, Gurley, Mark Ingram, Jordan Howard, Kupp, Boyd & Chubb.

Should I do this trade?

I also picked up Malcom Brown incase Gurley gets benched for playoffs

What kind of league is it? Full PPR or standard? Are you gonna make the playoffs?

im 5-4. Half PPR.

Right now 1st place in our division is 7-2 and the next 4 people are 5-4 (including me) for 2nd place haha. I have brady, gurley, mark Ingram, Jordan howard, kupp & tyler boyd.

Its close, but idk if i would trade Gurley still. Whos on your bench?

I have nick chubb, fitz, yeldon, Malcom brown. howard or ingram have been the flex plays week in/our chubb is in starting lineup