Gurley trade... need to happen

Hello clans -
12 team, 0.5 PPR league. I am 7-0 in my league and I am trying to acquire Gurley from the guy who is 4-3.
Who do I have to give up to acquire Gurley? Or do I really need Gurley? I understand it has to be pretty enticing, but I am at odds of whom to give up. Both of our rosters attached:

David Johnson and either Chubb or Thompson. Maybe add trquan or something like that. He needs two rbs and Chubb plus Thompson plus a piece would not get it done. You’ve got to percievably overpay. Remember, he’s giving up the best player In The game. I gave Mark ingraham and Julio Jones for gurley. And I’m happy with it.

I see that as a steal

Ingram and Julio is a great move for gurley. Good move sir. Now I feel like I overpaid lol

Like I said earlier. It took juju, CMC and Sony for me get gurley kupp and ekeler

In my other league, I have JJ and CMC… is that enticing enough to acquire Gurley?

It’s worth a try for sure if you can afford it

I think I can. Here is my roster in the other league:

My WRs
J. Jones
J. Edelman
K. Golladay
G. Tate
T. Smith

My RBs:
A. Jones

I’ll be honest, as the gurley owner in multiple leagues it would take an arm and a leg to make me part with him. You already know this because you’re trying to trade for him, but the value of having the best fantasy player in the game can’t be overstated. I’d have to get one of the other top 5 guys plus probably a WR1. He may not be worth that much to you, that’s just how I value him

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DJ and Chubb or THompson for Gurley will get you laughed out of the building. If you want gurley, it’s going to cost you nothing less than a Mid RB1 + a WR1. Trying to buy gurley is just really really hard tbh. I don’t really think you need to either. You got Bell coming back and you’re 7-0.


I couldn’t agree more. I just got offered a trade for Gurley myself yesterday. Wants to give me DJ and Carson Wentz for him.

Sorry, but I’m sitting at 3-4 and finally got a win after 3 losses in a row. Gurley is the only player that’s been 100% consistent for me all season long. So…don’t see myself accepting this trade. PERIOD!!!

For the record, I play this guy this week. LOL…he’s just getting nervous because for the first time since our League was established 4 years ago, he’s not sitting in 1st or 2nd place, and hasn’t been since week 3. He’s lost the past 4 weeks.
He’s the one who also offered the trade of my Mike Evans for his Jordan Howard straight up a couple of weeks ago. When I countered and said throw in John Brown and we might have a deal. He threw that right out the window!!! LOL


Well his team doesn’t need a wr and needs a running back this week. With the inflated value of Chubb maybe he thinks he’s back end rb1, I mean isn’t he consensus mid to upper tier rb2?, and David Johnson is a mid tier rb1 with renewed optimism. It could happen. But yea might be unlikely so add in basically anything to make it happen, even if it’s golden Tate. if it can even happen