Gurley trade offer advice

If I already have Malcom Brown stashed would it be a good idea to try and trade for Gurley?

Unless it’s a deep league, the only person who should own Malcolm Brown is the Todd Gurley owner. If you’re in a competitive league, that owner will likely want him. I would rather trade Brown to the Gurley owner for say a RB3/WR3 to add depth to my team. You may have to pay more than you like for Gurley.

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That’s a good idea I’ll try that out, thanks!

Ok so I believe what I said even more now that Gurley isn’t practicing with a Quad injury. The Gurley owner may be willing to pay up even more for his backup!

He has obj, Hollywood, Emanuel Sanders and d.k Metcalf do you think I should try and get Hollywood?

I mean if he’s willing to give up OBJ I’d try to package a WR and Brown for OBJ. Otherwise I’d probably prefer Brown over Sanders but it’s close.

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Sorry that may have been prefer marquise brown over Sanders.

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Ok thanks man I’ll see what he says