Gurley Trade please help!

In a standard league:


My team currently looks like this and I know i have to many QB’s that is why I’m looking at this trade.



I like the trade if you weren’t getting another GB WR… I think they are still playable but not each week you will have to decide between Jordy and Adams… Id look to make a similar trade but with a different WR

These are the other WR he has:


Not sure he would except anything else.

I’d do it for diggs. Argument anyway will be that diggs injury makes him a risk.

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Diggs might be good. But I hate the unstablness of the QB situation…

I might try to shop Jordy to other teams that need a WR before you make this trade just to see if you can get rid of him as I think Adams is hurt less by the Rodgers injury

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Don’t think they want to somehow:


This is there response when i suggested DIggs


Ok well I’d prob still do it… But you would be fine if you didn’t as well.

You def have depth to shop out some RBs and QBs. So just keep that in mind.

But be prepared to shop Adams or Jordy later this week or next.

So still do it but try and get a trade in place for Adams and Jordy then